Hella Stunt-Scooter Griptape Classic Zack Martin grün (Nr.194)

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Hella Stunt-Scooter Griptape Zack Martin grün

Das schwarze Hella Griptape mit dem Logo / Classic Logo 
Durch die Silicone-Carbide Grit Zusammensetztung wird eine hohe Rutschfestigkeit erreicht.
die Ränder sind PVC gehärtet was sich sehr gut schneiden lässt und nicht ausfranst.
Hinzu kommen die enorme Wasserfestigkeit und die hohe Klebkraft dieses Griptapes,
welches in den USA hergestellt wird.

  • Maße: 55.8 cm x 12.7 cm
  • Premium Qualität Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula
  • reißfest
  • wasserfester Kleber
  • wasserfeste und reißfeste Ränder aus PVC
  • made & manufactured in U.S.A.

Farben : white , Classic Logo ,Sign Red white,Combo Logo ,Sign Barret

Hella Grip Classic is true traction to your shoe, full silicon spray over new 22" x 5" sized sheets!

Hella Grip is a silicon-carbide grit formula that provides great traction but won’t wear out shoes. It features High-strength, waterproof, tear-proof PVC liner that cuts easily but won’t wear out. Aggressive adhesive that won’t degrade with cold or hot conditions. Silicon Carbide occurs in nature as the extremely rare mineral moissanite. The cheaper alternative that is used in the industry is Aluminum Oxide. Hella does not incorporate this alternative chemical compound in our formula due to it’s substandard quality. 



Hella Grip- Formel G Classic Original Gelb / Blau Formel
• Hella Grip ist 100% Made in USA
• Reiß Proof-Wasser-Fest PVC Liner
• Premium-Qualität-Silikon-Carbide Grit Formel
• Super-Gritty
• Ab-Maße22.00 x 05.00 Zoll

Introducing Hella Grip "Formula G" - Now available in our original Hella Classic style. Formula G, made in the USA, features an even grittier formula than our standard sheets. While our classic formula maintains an elite level of grit, some riders prefer a more abrasive style. We believe that dirt scootering may be one arena where Formula G makes particular sense, but it is certainly not the only one and will work well for both street and park riders. Our classic formula, hence forth known as Formula C, will continue to remain available and with the addition of Formula G we are happy to offer more options to all the homies out there shredding the gnar. Each Sheet Measures: 22.00 x 05.00 Inches Check Out

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